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Wednesday, August 8th, 2007
4:49 pm
The Ghost of You
Author: me :)
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I'm poor, don’t sue me, not mine etc. etc.
Pairings: James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner
Summary: This story takes place after AWE. Spoilers. An old enemy comes to intervene in the lives of our heroes.
Status: finished

James’ eyes flew open, but he found he was blind. Panic washed over him as he shivered uncontrollably from extreme cold. In the distance he heard waves crashing over rocks. With all his strength, he rolled onto his stomach and tried to crawl, but his limbs would not move. Helplessly he lay on an unknown beach exposed to the elements and his enemies. James tried to yell but his voice was no stronger than a newborn kitten. “Help.”

“Calm yourself.”

“Who’s there?” James turned his head in the direction of the feminine voice.

“A friend,” a gentle voice said. “You have been through a great trauma, James Norrington. Your body will take time to mend.” The unknown woman helped James sit upright.

“What do you mean? What are you talking about?” James rubbed his eyes, hoping he would be able to see, but his condition did not improve. Still shivering, he placed his hands under his arms to warm them.

“What is your last memory?”

He thought a moment. “I am with Bootstrap and…”

“Yes?” The voice asks. “Go on…”

“He is rambling on about some nonsense about the boat and not leaving it. He knows I freed Elizabeth and her crew. I turn my back to him for a moment, a brief moment, and then I turn around and I am run through. I cannot believe I allowed my poor judgment get the best of me. It was a foolish mistake to let my guard down. I am a better soldier than that.”

“I fall against the boat and I am starring up into the night sky. There were stars. There were a million stars. Elizabeth is screaming, but I can’t move. I want to go to her, I need to protect her, but I am becoming cold and tired. It hurts to breath, but I eventually fall asleep.”

“No!” the voice hissed, in his ear. “But that doesn’t matter now. Nothing matters now. Rest for now. When the time comes I will tell you all.”


With time, James’ eyesight returned. He sat on a rock with a blanket wrapped around him as the sun warmed his body. The feeling in his fingers and toes had returned and finally he had regained control of his limbs, but he was still confused by what was happening. A young woman, the same person who saved him, walked in the sea as she held her muslin white dress above the water. Her blonde hair was loose and blowing across her face. Whoever the woman was, she was stunning. James could not help but be captivated by her beauty.

“You have me at a disadvantage, miss. I do not know your name.” He called over the crash of the ocean.

She glanced over her shoulder and smiled. That look frightened him because it felt like a harpoon piercing his soul. “You know me, commodore. All sailors know me. You fear me; you love me and you pray to me for good weather.” The young woman released her dress and dipped her hand into the water. “I have been watching you.”

“I’m afraid I do not understand. Forgive my rudeness, but I am not all that interesting. In fact, many have said that I am the dullest man in Port Royal.”

“On the contrary, commodore, you are very interesting.” The young woman slowly walked towards him. “Tell me, do you want to know what happened to Elizabeth Swann, the woman you loved more than life itself?”

James stood, the blanket fell to the stones. “What of her? If you have harmed her…”

The woman laughed. “No, commodore, I have not harmed Miss Swann. She is on an island now, abandoned by her beloved who is now the captain of the Flying Dutchman.”

“How do you know this? Tell me how do you know? Is she well?”

She smiled. “Calm yourself.” The woman’s voice was soft and sweet. “She is as well as can be expected. She has lost her lover, her father and a dear friend.” The woman laughed.

“What dear friend?”

“I am talking about you. You are dead, commodore. Or rather, you were. I have brought you back.”

“What?” James shook his head. “I am not dead. I’m alive. I am standing talking to you. This is a beach like any other. I can feel my heartbeat. I am breathing.”

“You were dead. You live now because I choose to keep you. I have brought you back because your soul would not rest once you learned that Elizabeth Swann was abandoned.” The woman stood before James. “You are an honorable man, commodore. I admire your convictions, as foolish as they maybe sometimes. Nevertheless, I am giving you the opportunity you seek. Go to her. She needs you.”

James understood. “I will not make a pact with you, sea witch.”

“I have already said that I admire you, commodore. You owe me nothing.” The lady pointed to the left. “She is down there, keep walking. You shall find her.”

James’ eyes narrowed. “You must want something.”

“As I have already stated, I desire nothing from you.” She stepped towards Norrington. “But if you want to die I can easily take your life.” The woman reached out and James staggered backwards nearly tripping over his feet.

“No, thank you, that is quite fine. Let it be known that I will not bow to any request you will make in the future.”

“There will be none, you have my word.”

James was unsure if he believed her words or not. Finally, there was nothing he could do but trust her for the moment and pray she was telling the truth. When he looked back the woman was nowhere to be found.

Elizabeth’s toes played in the sand as she watched the sun slowly dip below the horizon. In her short travels Elizabeth saw no signs of civilization. It was difficult to think that for ten years she would wait for Will on a deserted island. What would she do? How would she pass the time? She remembered the days in her fathers parlor bent over her needlepoint and how she despised it. Now, she longed for those dull days. What was she to do with no sewing, reading or other ways to amuse herself?

Out of the corner of her eye, something caught Elizabeth’s attention. She turned to see a man walking towards her. Squinting she tried to make out his features, but was unable. Elizabeth wondered if Will had returned. Maybe someone had taken his place, freeing him from his duties on the Flying Dutchman.

As she walked closer to the man she realized he was taller than Will and carried himself differently. This man walked proudly with his shoulders back. When he came into view Elizabeth’s hands flew to her mouth. Her eyes were deceiving her.

“James!” Elizabeth ran into his arms and held him tightly. “I thought you died. How did you escape? I swore I saw you run through. I saw…”

He smiled and kissed the top of her forehead as he listened to her sobs. Elizabeth was crying. She was crying for him and it warmed his heart. “Sometimes our mind plays tricks on us.” He held her close; thankful for the opportunity to be with her.

Elizabeth pulled back, tears stained her sun burnt cheeks. “Will is the captain of the Flying Dutchman.”

“I know, and for that I am sorry. It seems we are alone in this world, Miss Swann.” James was outraged over Mr. Turner’s lack of civility. Instead of placing Elizabeth near civilization he had dumped her on an island with no way to survive. Will Turner was the most selfish man James had met. It was beyond comprehension that Will would expect Elizabeth to give up her life just so he could see her once every ten years. It was quite obvious to James that he was not a man of honor.

She took his hand. The small gesture of affection surprised him. “We have each other. It’s like you said. Our lives have been entwined since the day we meet.”

“So it would seem.” James had no desire to inform her that she had forgotten the other half of his sentence “but never entwined.” Perhaps now he would have the thing he desired most in the world. Maybe now he could prove to Elizabeth that he was the man she needed and could rely on.

Will stood on the sandy beach scanning the horizon for Elizabeth. Finally, after ten long years he could finally walk on land instead of sailing by the shoreline, trying to catch a glimpse of Elizabeth. In the distance he saw her walking towards him wearing pants and a sailor hat. Her hair was loose and flowing behind her. She didn’t appear to be the lady he remembered in Port Royal.

He ran towards her and pulled her into a tight embrace. Elizabeth was laughing and smiling as she held onto him. But when Will attempted to kiss her she pushed him back. Confused he tried again only to be rejected.

“I have someone for you to meet.” Elizabeth motioned for a small child to come over. In his happiness Will had not seen the young boy standing with his hands shoved in his pockets. “This is your son.”

“My son?” Words escape him as he looks at the small boy. Will bent down and smiled at him. It was strange to think that this boy was his. “Hello. And what is your name?”

“William, sir. It is a pleasure to meet you.” The young boy pulled his hand free.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, William.” Will shook the small hand and then stood. “I cannot...”

“Hello, Mr. Turner.” James said in a pleasant voice. In his arms he carried a small girl no older than three years. Her small arms were wrapped around his neck. “It is nice to see you again.”

“Commodore Norrington.” Will was unable to hide his shock as he examined the navy officer standing before him. James looked a tad older with a few lines around the eyes, but he seemed to be in excellent health. “It is good to see you well.”

“Yes, isn’t it though?” James smiled, despite his promise to Elizabeth to be civil. Gently he placed the little girl on the sand and she tottered off. James saw Will watch the young girl in her pretty white and blue dress. “She is our daughter, Mary.”

“Daughter?” Will stepped back attempting to process the new information. “I thought…you promised to wait for me.”

“Will, I’m sorry,” Elizabeth apologized. “I had every intention of waiting for you. Please don’t be cross. James was a good friend after you left.”

“Obviously.” Will’s eyes narrowed.

“Did you expect me to wait for you while you sailed the seas? I had to live my life and I couldn’t do that by sitting on this damn beach for ten years. I had a son, your son, to raise and I couldn’t live as a hermit. He needs an education and a proper upbringing.”

“That doesn’t sound like you, Elizabeth. That sounds like him.”

“Being a pirate destroyed my family. I will not embrace that lifestyle nor do I want my son being exposed to it. He will have the best education and will do very well for himself.”

“You said you would wait.” He repeated.

It wasn’t fair for you to ask me to wait for you. I had to live my life.”

“I never said you had to give it up, Elizabeth. But you promised you would wait. I expected you to be here for me.”

Elizabeth looked down at the sand. “I did come back for you. I wanted to show you your son. I wanted to tell you everything that has gone on in our lives.” Elizabeth grabbed James’ hand and held it tight. “When you abandoned me James was there to me. He has been a good friend and an excellent father and provider. He has watched over me for seven years. It was only recently that we were married. I could not wait any longer. I’m sorry.”

“You were married to me!”

“That hardly counts. It wasn’t a true wedding. I’m sorry, Will.”

“You betray me! Worse you betray me for [i]him[/i]. You disgust me.” He glared at them both, and then stormed away towards the shoreline.

“Will!” Elizabeth glanced back and her husband motioned her to go after her old lover. “Will, wait!” Elizabeth ran after him, but he would not turn around. He climbed into his small boat and started to row out to the Flying Dutchmen.

“I’m sorry.” James said, as he stood behind her. “He is upset.”

Elizabeth pressed her lips firmly together then after a moment said. “Let him be. He should have known I wasn’t the type of woman to wait around for a man.” Turning, she smiled up at James. “I have the man whom I love.” Standing on her toes she gently kissed him. “Let’s go home.” Like a gentleman, James offered his wife his arm and together they walked towards their boat which would take them to their home in America.

“You’re back already?” Bootstrap asked, as he watched his son tug at the hem of his shirt to straighten it. “What happened?”

“It appears that captains of the Flying Dutchmen have a hard time keeping their lovers.”

“That’s only because they choose the wrong ones,” a female voice said. The men parted and she walked towards Will. Her blonde hair was pinned up in a loose, yet becoming, bun and her ice blue eyes caught Will’s attention at once. The curves of her hips and breasts instantly turned Will’s mind to dirty thoughts.

“Who are you?” The captain of the Flying Dutchman could not keep his eyes off the mysterious woman.

She smiled, and gently touched his cheek. “Someone to share your destiny with.” She slid her arm around his. “You have always been a handsome one, Will Turner, ever since I first saw you so many years ago.”

“When was that?” He knew he shouldn’t allow this strange woman to lead him into his cabin, but Will could not refuse. He wanted her. And what did it matter anyway? Elizabeth had moved on. Perhaps it was time for him to do so as well.

“You were on a quest and our paths crossed. But I was unfortunate enough to be imprisoned for something I did not do. But I was released ten years ago. And now I am with you, just as I always dreamed. Our destinies are entwined.”

Will did not remember her, but it did not matter. Once the cabin door closed tightly behind him he succumbed to his lust.
Monday, June 11th, 2007
10:03 pm
Wish I had an Angel Chapter 11
Wish I had an Angel
Author: me :)
Chapter: 11
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I'm poor, don’t sue me, not mine etc. etc.
Pairings: James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner
Summary: Elizabeth is having doubts about her upcoming marriage to Will Turner. Can Miss Swann live as a blacksmith's wife?

R&R please. Hope you guys like it. I have another idea swimming around in my head.

James sat at his desk with his head in his hands. When they arrived at Elizabeth’s home she begged him to come in, held out her hand and said she needed him. With a cold, distant stare he told her that it was impossible. He had other, more pressing, matters to attend. As the buggy pulled away he watched as she collapsed onto the stone steps in a puddle of black crepe. At once her maid was at her side trying to help her stand. Over the clattering of hooves James was sure he heard Elizabeth scream and call for him, but he could no longer look back.

After returning to the fort he took his anger out on his men. He yelled at Lt. Groves for misplacing his papers, when in truth, the fault was his. A young private had made the mistake of rolling his eyes at James after and order was barked; and due to his insolence, he was whipped before the regiment. Three pirates were hung in the afternoon, which James found great pleasure in watching. He only wished that one of the unfortunate captives had been Will Turner.

It was daybreak. A rooster welcomed the sun by crowing. James’s weary eyes turned towards his small window. He had not slept because his mind was too busy trying to comprehend Elizabeth’s situation. No good could come of Elizabeth’s circumstances. James did feel sorry for her. The anger and disgust had melted away. But he was furious with Will Turner. The common blacksmith had taken advantage of Elizabeth and he wanted revenge.

“What am I to do? What am I to do?” James tapped his fingers on the desk as he pondered Elizabeth’s dilemma. If it had been anything else, he might have been able to fix her problems. Her financial situation could be attended to, yet her pregnancy was an entirely different matter. It was not easily mended.


“Don’t be sad, miss.” Estrella placed a tray on her beside table. “You must eat something. The cook made your favorite.”

Elizabeth raised her tear stained face from the pillow. “I do not wish to eat.” She had been carried upstairs yesterday and had stayed in bed ever since. Her hair was unkempt, the clothes she wore to the attorney’s office had not been changed, and she believed she smelled. But Elizabeth was too miserable to care.

Estrella took a step back. “I’m sorry, miss, but you should really…”

“I don’t care what you think I should do! Leave me!” Elizabeth threw her pillow, striking her maid in the face. Estrella curtsied and ran from the room. When Elizabeth was alone again she rolled onto her side. From her window she could hear the birds singing, but she did not know why they were so happy. Didn’t they understand her life was miserable? Didn’t they know that she had nothing to live for? The man she thought she could depend on had abandoned her just like her lover.

Will Turner was a man she despised. Elizabeth should have listened to her father. She should have married James. Everyone was right about Will Turner. He was uneducated, a bore and expected her to live in a shack. To make matters worse, she had fallen for his kind words, gentle touch and his false promises.

Elizabeth punched her stomach as she wailed. If she had not been foolish and given into temptation life would be so much easier. James wouldn’t think she was a loose woman unworthy of forgiveness.

Etched in her memory was the uncomfortable silence as they bounced around in the wagon. He stared at the road. When she tried to speak he did not respond. When they struck a hole in the road, Elizabeth fell off her seat, but he did not offer his assistance. His snub was heartbreaking. Elizabeth picked herself up and cried into her handkerchief for the remainder of the ride.

Finding the walls to her room too confining Elizabeth decided she needed to go for a walk. How she did it, Elizabeth would never know, but she managed to dress herself. It was no small feat attempting to tie her strings, but she did. Her hair was piled on top of her head in an unconventional, loose bun. Strands hung down in her face, yet it did not bother Elizabeth.

She spent the day at her father’s grave, lying beside the freshly dug dirt. A bouquet of flowers rested next to his tombstone. For a little while she talked to her father, as if expecting an answer. When none came, she grew melancholy again and tried not to think about her unwanted child.

As her fingers traced the letters on her father’s tombstone, Elizabeth realized how lonely she was. It was still hard to imagine her father was no longer part of her life. She desperately needed him now, but what would she say to him?

Closing here eyes she laid on her back. The sun warmed her face. It was comforting, and brought back memories of when she used to go on picnics with her father. After lunch she would place her head on his stomach and they would watch the clouds for hours. Elizabeth smiled at the memory. She wished she could hear her father’s breathing and soothing voice again.

A shadow came over her. Elizabeth opened her eyes, but could only see the black outline of a man. “What do you want?” Quickly, she sat up unsure of who had disturbed her refuge.

“May I join you?”

Elizabeth snorted. “Are you speaking to me now, Commodore Norrington?” After it was said Elizabeth wished she could take away her harsh words. She was relieved to see James and wanted to throw her arms around him and hold him close.

James sat down. “My actions have been deplorable. I can only ask that you forgive me. It was wrong for me to behave in such a shameful manner. I am sorry.”

When her eyes became adjusted to the sun she noticed he was not wearing his uniform or his wig. His brown hair was tied back with a simple black ribbon and he was wearing gentlemen’s clothes. Elizabeth could never remember a time when James did not wear his uniform. He looked young and dashing.

“It should be me begging for forgiveness.” Elizabeth brushed the dirt from her skirt. “I have done something that I cannot undo. I would give anything to change my situation. You don’t know how much I lament about it. I am so sorry. I thought I could bear it all manfully, but when you refused to speak to me and you gave me that look I thought I would die.”

James took a deep breath and reached for her hand. “It is over now. We can only look forward, not back, as my mother used to say.”

“Yes.” Elizabeth agreed, hoping that the trouble between them were now over.

“It is because of this, that I have come to a conclusion. I gave my word to see to your well-being and I do not give my word lightly. Your father would expect me to take care of you no matter what the circumstances. And while I know you are with child by Mr. Turner, I will disregard this fact and pretend the child is mine. I do not wish to see your reputation destroyed.”

Elizabeth found it difficult to breath. “What are you saying?”

“That I wish to marry you, Miss Swann.”

Elizabeth yanked her hand away and stood. She began to chew on her thumbnail. “You don’t know what you are saying. I am almost into my second month. People will know. They will talk and…”

“They will talk if we stay in Port Royal.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have received my orders. There is a temporary placement in the colonies. We would be in American for nearly a year. No one will know us there and we could move back to Port Royal after the child is born.”

“I don’t want to leave. I love it there.” Elizabeth frowned. “This is my home. This is where I grew up. My father is buried here.”

“Are you prepared to have your name ruined and be labeled a whore?”

“How dare you!” Elizabeth went to strike him, but thought better of it. Her hand fell to her side.

“Elizabeth I am providing an answer to your problem. While I understand I am not Will Turner, I must say that I will do my best to make you happy given the situation.” He straightened his back and took a deep breath. “I am also aware that if you agree it is done out of necessity and not for love.”

“Please don’t force me to make this decision. I cannot.”

He turned. “Miss Swann, I am forcing you to do nothing, and I am hurt by your accusation. Never in my life have I forced you against your will. I am trying to help you. It is for you to decide if you choose that help. Now, come.” He offered his arm to her. “I will return you to your father’s home. A decision should not be made today, you are far too upset.”

She nodded and smiled. “You are far too kind to me.” Her hand closed around his arm. “You have offered me the world even when I continued to be cruel to you. I’m sorry. James, I do wish to try. My actions were horrid, but I know with your help I can be better. I will be the wife you want me to be.”

He shook his head. “No, I want you to be the woman I fell in love with not some puppet. I would grow tired of you if you were conventional.” He took her hands. “I promise that I shall love you more than life itself and will always respect you.”

Elizabeth brushed a hair from her face. “I wouldn’t expect anything less, commodore.” Standing on her toes she gently kissed him.
Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
10:56 pm
Wish I had an Angel
Author: me :)
Chapter: 10
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I'm poor, don’t sue me, not mine etc. etc.
Pairings: James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner
Summary: Elizabeth is having doubts about her upcoming marriage to Will Turner. Can Miss Swann live as a blacksmith's wife?
Status: incomplete

Chapter 10

“W-with child?”

Elizabeth could not speak; she simply nodded as tears slid down her cheeks.

James fell against a tree. His body numb. With a dumbfounded expression, he tried to speak, but could not. It had never occurred to him that Elizabeth was immoral and would risk her reputation. The thought haunted his mind from time to time, but he never believed she would be foolish enough to act so irrationally. It was a good thing her father was dead so he would not see his only child suffer from being shunned by society.

“Say something,” she begged. “I cannot stand the silence. Please don’t judge me, James. Please.”

He closed his mouth and tried to collect his thoughts. “Are you sure?”

“There is no mistake.”

“I, I see.”

“It was foolish of me and I know. I did not think this would happen. We were to be married and…please do not look at me like that. I have acted horribly.” Elizabeth went into his arms. She needed to feel his comforting embrace. It had helped her during the past week, and she desired it more now than every before. Elizabeth hoped that he could take the pain away. However, he gently pushed her aside.

He took the hem of his coat and gave it a quick tug. “Does he know?”

Elizabeth shook her head. “He left before I knew. What am I to do?”

“I have little knowledge in these matters, Miss Swann. But your situation is grave. I am unsure I can help you.”

“What is to become of me?” She asked her eyes red from crying.

“I believe we should return to your home.” He looked over her shoulder to see people starring at them. James hoped no one had overheard her outburst. If someone were to learn she was with child, she would be ruined. Worse yet, they may think that the child was his.

Her voice was soft. “It was an accident.”

“There is nothing more to discuss, Miss Swann. Come.” Elizabeth waited for his arm, but when it was not offered remorse began to gnaw at her. Rejected and humiliated she walked a few steps behind the commodore.

Elizabeth came to the startling conclusion that James no longer viewed her as a lady. In his eyes, she was nothing more than a whore and had become everything James detested.

“James, wait.” Elizabeth hitched up her skirt then ran towards him. He did not heed her request and continued to walk down the narrow path. Determined to make James listen, she stood before him. Her brown eyes looked up into his.

“I’m sorry.”

*ok, so its not long, but I thought I felt I should add it ASAP. Hope to have the next update soon.
Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
11:44 pm
Wish I had an Angel
Author: me :)
Chapter: 9
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I'm poor, don’t sue me, not mine etc. etc.
Pairings: James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner
Summary: Elizabeth is having doubts about her upcoming marriage to Will Turner. Can Miss Swann live as a blacksmith's wife?
Status: incomplete

Still no beta reader...its late...I hope it makes sense. I hope you enjoy it.

R&R please.

Donning her black muslin, Elizabeth stood at the foot of her father’s grave while the preacher rambled on about heaven. She wasn’t listening. As she looked at the coffin all she could think about was her poor father’s lifeless body being lowered into the ground and mounds of dirt being piled on top. Never again would she go into his warm embrace, or hear his laughter. Elizabeth would never listen to his stories about England or how wonderful her mother had been. Memories were all she had now, and they were crude replacements.

The time for crying had ended. The past three days had been spent weeping in her father’s bed, in her own bed, and walking in the garden he loved. His presences haunted Elizabeth. Everything reminded her of him.

She missed coming downstairs in the mourning to find him sipping his coffee as he inquired about her day. Her father was so cheerful in the morning unlike Elizabeth. The nights were equally lonely as she sat in his study anticipating him to fold down his newspaper and ask her about James or Anne. Now no one greeted her in the morning or kissed her gently on the forehead before she went to bed. She was alone in a big house haunted by memories.

A warm breeze molded Elizabeth’s veil to her face. By her side James stood ready to catch her if she fainted again. The commodore had already saved her from striking her head on a table during the wake. His presence was comforting to her in so many ways. He was constantly attending to her needs. At times he would try to make her smile, which did amuse Elizabeth. She never thought he could be humorous.

It was James who took care of the arraignments. He summoned the coffin maker, commissioned a proper tombstone, and contacted dignitaries on the island. Even the flowers had been chosen by James. Elizabeth was thankful for his assistance because she did not want to be bothered over which flower would look best on the casket.

People came up to express their condolences, but Elizabeth could not respond. Blindly she stared from behind her veil. Without thinking she reached for James’s hand. It was an improper thing to do, but she didn’t care. Propriety be damned. She needed James.

When the last person had left, Elizabeth flipped her veil over her hat. She knelt down in the dirt that surrounded the open grave. After a silent prayer she touched the end of her father’s coffin. When she could bear no more, Elizabeth looked over her shoulder. Surrounded by tombstones of all shapes and sizes, James played with his hat. The sun reflected off his newly polished buttons on his uniform. There was no denying he looked very handsome in his uniform. She studied him for a moment, and when he thought she wasn’t looking he ran his sleeve across his eyes. Elizabeth bit her lip. It was a comfort to know that James loved her father too.

But not even James could make the loneliness fade. “I’m alone now.” Will had left her, and now her father was dead. Elizabeth did not have any family. She was not married, and the prospect of Will returning was not a good one. Elizabeth had a feeling that his pirate blood had gotten the best of him. The sea was his wife now.

Slowly, she walked towards James as her dress flapping like a flag in the wind behind her. He forced a smile to his face and extended his arm. Quietly, she took it and they headed for the buggy.

“What will I do now?”

“We shall think about that tomorrow. I have made an appointment to have the will read. I know it is so soon after your father’s death, but I think it is imperative for us to know your station.”

Elizabeth nodded. Another funeral was taking place in the distance. She was sorry for their pain. Elizabeth knew how it felt to ache for someone who would never be seen again.

He looked down at her. “Would you like me to accompany you?”


James was delighted. The past few days he felt a connection to Elizabeth he never dreamed possible. However it upset him that her father’s death brought them closer. He had always envisioned it would be better circumstances that united them. “The appointment is for nine.”

“Thank you for everything you have done.”

“I have made promises, Elizabeth.” James held out his hand to help her into the buggy. “I do not take them lightly.”

Settling in the seat opposite him, she smiled. “You’re a very honorable man.” Elizabeth flicked her wrist and her fan opened. “I respect that.”

“Miss Swann,” the attorney said, looking across his neatly arranged desk. “I’m will not be long winded, because I know you are in great pain. Again, I am sorry for your loss.” The attorney was a short man, with an old looking wig, and green teeth. “Your father was a great man.”

“Thank you.” Elizabeth began to twist her black handkerchief. Within a few moments her fate would be revealed. She was unsure if she was ready for the news. Women, as a rule could not inherit property, however if she were the only heir she was entitled to her father’s inheritance.

“I’ll be brief. Your father, while a very wonderful man. As you are aware he comes from a great linage. His family is respected in England and in Port Royal.”

Elizabeth stared at his teeth as he talked. It was rude of her, but she could not help herself.

“However, he did not manage his finances as well as he should have.”

James and Elizabeth exchanged worried glances.

“Yes, well, there was his income as governor, but that has now ceased. I’m afraid that your father was worth more alive than he is in his current state. His estate will barely pay off his bills.”

“Are you sure?” James inquired.

“There are many debts. Yet I believe that Miss Swann will have at least two hundred pounds.”

“She will get the two hundred pounds every month or every year?”

“Heavens no! Forgive me for confusing you.” Folding his hands, he leaned on the desk. “She will receive one lump payment of two hundred pounds and that is it. There is no more money. “It is the best we can due considering the circumstances. I think you are a very lucky woman.”

“Lucky?” Elizabeth stared at him, as if he were daft. “I have no inheritance. Pray tell, how does that make me lucky?”

“Well, you have some money to find yourself a proper home.”

“What do you mean? I have a home.”

The attorney sucked his teeth. “About the house,” he paused. “As you know it was not your father’s. It belongs to the government. As soon as a new governor is appointed he will move into the home. I’m afraid you cannot live there. However, I should be able to make arraignments for you to occupy the home until the new governor moves in.”

Information was coming so quickly Elizabeth had trouble grasping it all. “Let me see if I understand correctly. I have no inheritance and now I have no home. Where am I to go? What am I to do?”

The attorney sat back in his chair. “I don’t know where you can go. That is not a matter I care to burden myself with. However, for an additional fee…”

“I don’t think you understand my situation. What is to become of me? I have no marketable skills. I can barely sew, and I most certainly cannot cook.”

“I do not know. Are there any relatives perhaps?”

“There is no one! My uncle died three years ago and my aunt nearly ten. I have lived in Port Royal for the majority of my life and am unaware of any distant cousins. James!” She invoked his name, hoping he could change events. “What will I do?”

The sadness in her eyes was unbearable. “Are you sure there is no more money?” James asked again. If there were money then she could be finically secure. Elizabeth may not be able to have lavish dresses or a grand home with maids and servants, but she could live humbly and with honor.

“I’m sorry this is so trying for you, Miss Swann. I am equally sorry that your father made bad investments. These are trying times for all of us. I know I have not faired as well as I would have liked.”

“I do not wish to hear about your misfortunes, sir. You are not a lowly woman who has no means to survive other than her charms. What would you have me do? Shall I become one of those women on the streets at night?”

“Miss Swann, you are hysterical. This is highly inappropriate behavior.”

“It matters little to me if I am appropriate or not at this moment. I have been the lady society wants me to be and now I am to be abandoned and left to my own devices in order to survive.”

“Please, you are acting rashly. Calm yourself. You don’t know what you are saying…”

“I know perfectly well what I am saying. No man can suffer as I have. My father is dead, my fiancée has left me and I have no male relatives to look after me. I have no means to survive and within a few months I shall be homeless. Do not tell me to calm down.” Elizabeth stormed out of the office and slammed the door.

A smile flashed across James’ face. He was very proud of Elizabeth in that moment, as she stood up for herself. “She is under great stress.”

“Stress? She is unruly. I have seen many poor women in my presences and none have gone on about becoming strumpets, and the other nonsense. Miss Swann has always been spoiled. Her father was a fool and she is paying for his mistakes, but that is not my problem.

“No, it is not. However, a little kindness should be shown to a woman who has lost everything she treasured. You sir, are no gentleman.” James hand rested on the door knob. “I thank you for your assistance. Please be sure to bill me, not Miss Swann. Perhaps you can put the money to good use. It is obvious that you care little for your appearance. Good day.”

As he walked down the steps he saw Elizabeth’s shadowy figure standing under a tree. He stopped for a moment and watched her pace back and forth. If he dared, James would ask for her hand. He could provide for her and give her the life she had always known. They would make a handsome couple, throwing balls and dinner parties. However, James did not dare ask. It was not befitting a gentleman to ask a lady to marry him when her condition was dismal. Elizabeth may agree, but James would always wonder if she had said yes because there were no other options.

“Despicable man!” Elizabeth stopped pacing when James approached. Frantically, she began to fan herself. “I cannot take these mourning clothes. They are dreadfully hot. I feel as if I may faint.”

“Shall we sit on a bench? Do you need my assistance?”

“No. I will be fine in a moment. I have worked myself into a frenzy.” Elizabeth’s hands fell against her skirt. “What am I to do?”

“I will not lie, Miss Swann. I have no idea what our next course of action is. I am afraid you are in a bind.”

Elizabeth started to cry. “Nothing can be done. My life is ruined.”

“Something can always be done. Please don’t upset yourself.” James hesitated. He wanted to pull her into his arms, but feared what others may think. “We will think of something. In fact I am sure that Mr. Turner will return by the end of the month. You will be Mrs. Will Turner by August.”

She did not stop crying. He frowned.

“And the government always works slowly. We may not have a new governor for at least three months. That will give you plenty of time to live in your father’s house in case Mr. Turner takes longer than expected. I will of course pay for your household expenses until Mr. Turner returns. If he does not return by August surely he will arrive by October.”

“I can’t wait that long,” she whispered.

“Well, I am afraid there is no other choice. The months will go by quickly. It seems unbearable now, but if you busy yourself with work, I believe it will ease your pain. You enjoy spending your time at the orphanage. Maybe you could work longer hours?” Norrington suggested. He was throwing every possible idea out to Elizabeth, hoping one would amuse her.

“No you don’t understand. I cannot wait that long.” Elizabeth began to fan herself again. “I do not have the luxury of waiting another month for Will.”

“Forgive me, but I fail to see how an additional month of waiting would cause you such distress.”

Unable to keep her secret any longer, Elizabeth blurted out. “I am with child.”
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Wish I had an Angel
Chapter 8
Wish I had an Angel
Author: me :)
Chapter: 8
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I'm poor, don’t sue me, not mine etc. etc.
Pairings: James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner
Summary: Elizabeth is having doubts about her upcoming marriage to Will Turner. Can Miss Swann live as a blacksmith's wife?
Status: incomplete

R&R please.

It was twilight, and the smell of gunpowder lingered in the air. Dead bodies littered the road towards the governor’s plantation. The causalities had been heavy on both sides, and James was thankful to make it through another battle. He wanted to remain in the fort, but Elizabeth would not stand for it. She was determined to see her father and no one was going to keep her from her task. Begrudgingly he agreed to let Elizabeth go, but only if he could accompany her. It was still too dangerous for anyone to be outside.

Elizabeth walked quickly ahead of James. Blood and dirt lined the hem of her dress. The hat she loved so much was crumbled in her hand. Appearances meant nothing to her now. All she could think about was her father. Elizabeth was angry at herself for allowing her temper to get the best of her. If she had not over reacted when she received Will’s letter she would have been at home to watch over her father during the battle.

Estrella came running out to greet them with her skirts in her hands, and her bloomers exposed for everyone to see. James diverted his eyes from the spectacle. The butler trailed behind limping to keep up with Estrella as he held a pistol.

“Miss! Miss! Oh thank god you’re here!” Estrella was gasping for air. “Come quick! It’s your father! He’s in his bedchamber”

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Elizabeth asked as she ran into the house. Before Estrella could formulate a proper answer Elizabeth was already at her father’s beside.

The curtains were drawn and the windows were closed allowing no fresh air into the room. It was stuffy and unbearably hot. One candle flickered by the bedside casting an eerie glow on her father’s face.

“Father!” Elizabeth fell to her knees, and took his cold hand. He was shivering despite there being a mound of blankets on him. His eyes were lifeless staring at the ceiling. “I’m here.” She pressed his hand into her cheek. “Father?” Tears began to fall. Elizabeth needed to hear his voice; she needed to know everything would be alright.

She watched his lips parted, but he could not speak. Elizabeth looked helplessly at James.

“Something happened to his heart, Miss.” Estrella slowly walked forward. “He grabbed his heart when the cannons went off. The noise scared us all. But he started gaspin’ for air and hasn’t felt right since. I tried to get the doctor but…”

“Try harder.” James demanded. The tone in his voice made both women jump. “Go!” Estrella curtsied, and went from the room.

“Elizabeth?” Weatherby’s voice was barely audible. “I am glad you are safe.”

“Don’t worry about me. You need your rest. Estrella is going for the doctor. Everything will be fine again.” Seeing her father in his decrepit state was unsettling. As the years passed, she saw the lines on his face appearing with greater frequency and becoming deeper. He also couldn’t walk as fast as he once could, but he seemed to be in good health. Elizabeth never imagined he would be taken from her so soon. She needed her father.

James felt like an intruder as he watched the heart wrenching scene. Thinking it was better to leave, he slowly made his way to the door. Once his hand settled on the doorknob Weatherby whined a little. With great effort he turned his head towards James.

“Take care of her.”

Elizabeth cried harder.

In a soft voice James said. “Always, sir.”

“Don’t cry. Let it be. I’m tired now.”

Elizabeth watched her father close his eyes. Her attention was focused on his chest as she slowly watched it rise and fall. Thankfully, he was still alive, and she relaxed a little. A moment later a hand settled on her shoulder. She looked up to see James his eyes red like hers.

“Would you like some tea?” James asked.

Elizabeth shook her head.

“Perhaps some…”

“I don’t want anything. Leave me alone.”

James bowed his head. He knew her anger wasn’t directed at him. She was frustrated, upset and needed an outlet for her emotions. “I shall wait in the hallway. If you need me call.” Quietly he shut the door behind him and sat in a chair. James knew that Governor Swann’s condition was very grave. His remaining time on earth would not last long.

With his head in his hands, James thought about the day’s events, and the eventual death of a man he loved like a father. Weatherby had always been kind to James. He had invited James into his home when he was only a captain. They had interesting political conversations especially during their chess games. James fondly remembered the dinners he attended. Sometimes it would only be the three of them. Those were the dinners he loved the most because he felt like he was part of a family again.

He would miss the governor’s wisdom, kindness, and his enthusiasm for life.


Hours passed, and Estrella still had not returned. For a moment she wondered if her maid was hurt, kidnapped or dying, but Elizabeth pushed the thought from her mind. She could not think of that now. All her energy was on her father.

It was night now, but Elizabeth did not know the hour, nor did she dare leave the room to find a clock. She stared out the window listening to the night sounds as the curtains gently waved in the breeze. Her father’s condition had not changed, but his ragged breathing informed her he was still alive. With dread she listened for the moment the room would become silent.

Biting her thumbnail she watched her father. His eyes fluttered and opened. Immediately she went to his beside and sat down beside him. She smiled, hoping the friendly gesture would ease his troubled mind. Elizabeth watched as he tried to smile back and squeeze her hand, but he didn’t have the strength. His mortality frightened her and tears began to slide down her cheeks.

“I love you, daddy.”

In a strong, loving voice he said, “Elizabeth, I love you.”

Elizabeth knew at that moment the time had come. She crawled in bed next to her father and put her head on his chest. His arm wrapped around her to keep her close. No matter her age she would always be his little girl.

James heard Elizabeth scream. “No!” He ran into the room to see Elizabeth holding onto her father. The time had come for Weatherby Swann to leave his child.
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Wish I had an Angel
Author: me :)
Chapter: 7
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I'm poor, don’t sue me, not mine etc. etc.
Pairings: James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner
Summary: Elizabeth is having doubts about her upcoming marriage to Will Turner. Can Miss Swann live as a blacksmith's wife?
Status: incomplete

I think the whole movie issue is buggin me so much so that my writing is suffereing. Here's another installment, but I dunno how good it is

R&R please.

It had been a month since James saw Elizabeth that dreaded night. The memory was still vivid. He prayed in vain that it was a bad dream, and that there was an innocent explanation as to why she was out in the middle of the night. However, as the days slowly passed he noticed Elizabeth was avoiding him. When they did meet it was awkward and neither knew what to say. Even Elizabeth’s father noticed the silence between them. When he asked James why, the commodore lied, and said old demons were haunting him again. The explanation received a nod and a pat on the back. He did not ask again.

“Commodore.” Will nodded, as he passed James on the steps of the governor’s home.

It was late. Making a call at this hour was rude. It was also improper for a gentleman to be seen at a woman’s house during the night. James would not have come, but he had been summoned by Weatherby.

Once again Will wore an enormous and unfashionable hat in a vain attempt to conform to their class.

Every time he saw the large feathered hat, he tried not to laugh. “Mr. Turner.” His tone was surprisingly civil. James wanted to beat some sense into the young man who had destroyed Elizabeth’s innocence. Thankfully, for everyone involved the truth had not been exposed. Everyone in Port Royal was blissfully ignorant.

“I must ask something of you, Commodore.”

James did not turn around. “What is it?”

“There is something I have to do. Please take care of Elizabeth while I am away. I should not be gone for more than a month. But if I am, please see to her needs.”

“Mr. Turner.” James looked down at him as he stood on the top step. His hands were firmly clasped behind his back. “There has never been a day in which I have not put Miss Swann before my own needs or desires. I have always sought her safety and wellbeing above all other matters. You do not need to ask me if I will see to her needs. You should know better than most men I would sacrifice my life to see her safe and happy. Good night.”

Will opened his mouth to speak, but James walked into the house before he could respond.


“Stop!” A frantic soldier yelled outside his door. “Stop!”

Calmly, James looked up from his paperwork, and watched Elizabeth marched into his office with a solider scrambling after her. “I tried to stop her, sir.” The man said sheepishly as he grabbed her arm. “I will remove her.”

Elizabeth yanked her arm free. “Unhand me. James, I need to talk to you. At once.”

James straightened his back. Her presences in his office shocked him. It must have been very important for her to come the fort. “Good Day Miss Swann. As you can see I am busy at the moment, but if you wish to wait, I will be with you momentarily.”

She looked at the men standing around his desk. Elizabeth began to chew on her bottom lip then stepped forward. “It is urgent. It cannot wait. Please.”

Her brown eyes pleaded with him, and he sighed. “Very well. Gentlemen we will continue this after I speak to Miss Swann.”

The men filed out of the office, and when the door shut behind the last one Elizabeth opened her purse. She threw an envelope on his desk.

“What is this?”

James picked up the envelope and inspected it. “I believe it is a letter.”

“I know that!”

“It is a letter from Will Turner.” He proceeded, unsure of the answer she sought.

“I am aware!”

“Then why are you asking me what it is if you already know the answer, Miss Swann?”

She began to pace. “It says that he is going on a mission with Jack Sparrow.” Her jaw tightened for a moment, and then she continued. “And it says he may be gone for months.”

“Yes, he told me he would be leaving.”

Elizabeth stopped suddenly. “You knew?”

“I saw him last night as he was leaving your father’s home.”

Without warning she walked around his desk and slapped him. James looked at her dumbfounded for a moment. “How dare you! I am no whore.”

He did not respond to her accusation.

Realizing what she had done, she attempted to mend the situation. “James,” Elizabeth reached out, and placed her hand on his arm. “I did not mean to hurt you.”

“I do not know what I did to offend you, Miss Swann. I am sorry. Now if you would please leave I am very busy. It is regretful that Mr. Turner has left, but I am sure he will return.”

“Please go after him,” she begged. “I need him.”

“Miss Swann, I cannot leave my post to go after your fiancé. He assured me he would come back for you and I believe him. Mr. Turner has never abandoned you in the past, and I do not think he would do so now.”

“But we were to be married in three weeks.” The tears streamed down her face, and her hand tightened on his arm.

“Well, I hope he returns in time for the wedding. Now if you will excuse me,” he removed her hand. “I have important business that needs to be discussed. As I am sure you are aware pirates have been spotted off the coast and…”

Elizabeth stomped her foot. “You don’t understand!”

James answered her childish outburst in a in a civil tone. “No, I suppose I do not. Perhaps you should inform me why it is imperative that I go after Mr. Turner.”

Elizabeth snatched the letter from his desk and crossed her arms. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“If you do not wish to talk about the issue then why are you here?”

“I shall always remember this moment, James Norrington.” Elizabeth threw open the door just as Lt. Groves ran towards her. Elizabeth threw herself up against the wall to avoid being struck.

“Commodore! Pirates! We’ve just received news that they attacked a few shops.”

“They are in Port Royal?” It was impossible to comprehend that pirates would attack the city again. He had doubled their forces to keep pirates away after the last attack.

“Yes, sir.”

“You.” He pointed to Elizabeth. “Do not move from my office, is that understood?”

“I need to get home. Father is ill and…”

“No. I will not have you running about. It would be too easy for you to get captured in this chaos. Stay.”

“I am not a dog or your wife! You cannot command me around.” James was standing before her now. She always new him to be a tall man, but now she realized just how powerful looking he was in his uniform.

“Your father would never forgive me if something happened. Private!”

Elizabeth stepped into the hallway. “You cannot stop me.”

James looked over his shoulder. “Indeed.”

A young man, no more than seventeen ran up to him, his cheeks red, looking very nervous. “Sir!”

James walked over to the young private, and looked down at him. “Make sure Miss Swann remains in my office until after the attack. She is not allowed to leave for any reason. If she does escape you will not like the consequences. Is that understood?”

“Yes sir!”

He turned to Elizabeth. “Stay.”

“I will not…”

“I can not fight a battle worrying about you. Stay where you are.” He closed the door behind him, and turned to the private. “Do not let her out. Guard this door as if your life depends upon it because it does.”

The soldier nodded, grabbed his gun, and stood at attention.

Lt. Groves looked at the closed door then up at his commanding officer. “I did not want to say this in front of Miss Swann, but they’re moving towards the governor’s home.”

“Is it Sparrow?” He asked, as they ran down the hall. James could hear the booming of cannons and the men yelling.

“No. It’s another pirate. I don’t know who this one is.”

James nodded. “It must be the same one that’s been attacking our merchant ships. He has become brazen. Are some pirates still on the ship or are they all on land?”

“There are three ships, Commodore.”

James stopped running. “Three?”


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Wish I had an Angel
Author: me :)
Chapter: 6
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I'm poor, don’t sue me, not mine etc. etc.
Pairings: James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner
Summary: Elizabeth is having doubts about her upcoming marriage to Will Turner. Can Miss Swann live as a blacksmith's wife?
Status: incomplete

It had been raining for three days, and Elizabeth was stuck inside doing her needlepoint. There had been no walks, buggy rides, or strolls in the garden. Shopping was out of the question because her father limited her spending habits, and there was no sense in longing for something she could not have. It was too painful to think about the pretty blue stripped dress on someone else. Upstairs, her father was busy conducting business, and could not be disturbed. Elizabeth was bored.

Thankfully, Elizabeth’s sanity was not totally lost, for Anne was visiting. She sat nearby reading from a scandalous book. It amused Elizabeth for the first hour, but now it was wearing on her nerves. Outside the thunder crashed, and the rain tapped against the balcony as the cool wind blew the muslin curtains.

Elizabeth tossed her needlepoint to the side. “I cannot stand this blasted rain.”

Anne looked up from her book. “I know. I hate being trapped inside, but mother says it’s a small price we pay for such beauty. And she reminded me that things are much worse in England. The sky is always cloudy, and it is dreadfully cold.”

“I don’t remember.” Elizabeth rose, and began to chew on her thumbnail. “I feel as if I am going mad.”

Anne closed her book. “You seem greatly altered.”

“What do you mean?”

“I, I’m not sure. Something has changed, but I do not know what. For the week you seem to be, well,” Anne was fearful to continue.

“Go on.”

“It is as if you are carrying a dreadful secret.” Anne went to her friend, and took her hands. “Is everything alright, Elizabeth? You have me worried. I swear you can tell me anything, and we shall put our heads together to figure out an answer”

She pulled her hands free. “You’re being overly dramatic, and it doesn’t suit you. I’m fine. I have been thinking about my engagement.” She lied. “Tell me, Anne, do you think it is wrong of me to marry Will?”

“Well,” Anne hedged. “He is quite handsome, but as mother says looks fade. He isn’t as well established as Commodore Norrington, but makes an acceptable income.”


“Yes, well I do not think you would every go hungry, but you won’t have any fun.” Anne wandered over to the silver pastry plate, and took a small cake with pink icing. “Will you have a buggy or horses of your own?”

“I, I don’t know.”

Anne swallowed. “Well, I know one shouldn’t marry for money, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. I could never do what you have done.”

“I have done a great deal many things no one should do.” Elizabeth said softly, and then continued to chew on her thumbnail.

Anne looked confused, but did not press the matter. “I wouldn’t fret too much. You are marrying for love, and that is something. It’s too bad you couldn’t marry a man of your station and loved him too.”

“Father agrees with you. I wish I were free to choose my path in life.”

Anne ate another cake. “It’s our lot in life. We aren’t allowed to choose what we want to do or who we marry because we haven’t the mind for it.”

“What’s done is done. It cannot be changed.”

Anne brushed of her hands. Her friend was speaking in riddles and she had no idea what Elizabeth meant so she decided to change the subject. “I need to stop eating those horrible things or I won’t be able to draw my strings. Shall I read another chapter?” She scooped up the book. “I think we are coming to the wicked part.”

Elizabeth grunted. “Our society is too preoccupied with scandals. Why are we to pay for our foolish mistakes until our deaths? Can’t we be forgiven?”

Anne raised an eyebrow.

Author's notes: The end is coming..I'm almost finished with this story. I changed the ending so now I think there are two or three more chapters.
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Wish I had an Angel
Title: Wish I had an Angel
Author: Divia
Chapter: 5
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I'm poor, don’t sue me, not mine etc. etc.
Pairings: James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner
Summary: Elizabeth is having doubts about her upcoming marriage to Will Turner. Can Miss Swann live as a blacksmith's wife?
Status: incomplete

James had a throbbing headache that would not go away. Recent events were causing him so much stress that he had been sick for nearly a week. He ate little, slept even less, and was ill-tempered. The men stayed far away from their commanding officer, and grew nervous whenever he appeared.

For once in his life, Elizabeth was not the source of his pain. Instead, a familiar enemy was causing havoc around Port Royal. James wasn’t sure if it was Jack Sparrow, but some pirate was making his life miserable. Supplies from England were arriving slowly, and two merchant ships had been attacked only a few miles from port. James was beyond annoyed, and Governor Swann was fearful that pirates would attack Port Royal. Weatherby remembered what happened the last time, and he did not want events to repeat themselves.

The moon hung low in the sky casting silver shadows against the gravel road. It was a hot and humid night, and James pulled at his collar. His heavy coat was neatly folded over his arm. When he arrived at the governor’s home he would don it, but he was too uncomfortable to wear it now. His white shirt clung to his back, and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. Even his trademark wig had been cast aside, and was resting on his nightstand. He did not look very dignified; but at three in the morning, James did not anticipate seeing anyone of significance on the road.

Duty had dragged him out of bed at such an obscene hour. Another pirate attack occurred, and James needed to tell the Governor. It would not be a pleasant meeting. Weatherby’s nerves were already a mess. James’ latest news would not improve the older man’s condition.
A few yards ahead, James saw a figure emerge from the side of the road. An errie glow appeared on the figure, which looked over its shoulder quickly, and then ran up the road. James stood stunned for a moment. Had he seen a ghost? The creature certainly moved like a ghost with its flowing robes and quick movement. He shook his head and pushed the thought from his mind. James lived in a scientifc age, and there was no room for foolish through.

The night’s silence was broken by a scream, and then a loud “No!”

Of all the stories James had heard, he never remebered one where a ghost screamed. He threw his coat to the grown, and ran down the road with his sword in hand.

A man stood behind his victim holding her tightly around the waist as she kicked and pulled his greasy black hair. He was slowly backing away from the road to bring her into the bushes.

“Stop!” James demanded in a loud clear voice. “Unhand the woman at once.” He pointed his sword at them both.

The crimal threw the woman to the ground, and staggered a bit. It was obvious he was drunk, and by the looks of him a dullard. He picked up a handful of gravel, threw it at James then made a shreak. With his sword still drawn James took a step forward, and the man ran into the thicket.

“Are you hurt, miss?” James tried to assist the woman, but she pushed his hands away. “Shall I call the constable? Is there anything that I may do to assit you?” When her hood fell down he could not believe his eyes.

“Elizabeth?” James was stunned. What was she doing outside her home at such an ungodly hour? Her father would never approve. What was she thinking?

“Please don’t tell father.” Standing she brushed off her skirt then pushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

He looked at her torn dress, and disheveled hair. Her face was smudged with dirt, and her arm was scraped and bleeding from the stones. “You’re hurt.” James took her wrist, and examined her cut.

“It’s nothing.”

He scoffed, then reached into his pocket and removed his handkerchief. Carefully he tied it around her arm. “It will need to be cleaned. Please do so as soon as you get home.” They stood silently for a while, but it was broken by his question.

“What are you doing out here?”

She bowed her head, and did not look up into his judgmental eyes. “I was going for a walk,” she offered.

“Indeed.” James couldn’t think of it now. He would pretend as if this night never occurred, and Elizabeth was still the innocent, angelic woman he had known. “Come.” He extended his hand. “It is late and I will accompany you home. It is unthinkable that you would be forced to travel alone at this time.” If James ever saw Will he would knock some sense into him. First, he was destroying Elizabeth’s reputation, and then he didn’t have the common courtesy to walk her home. It was unthinkable.

“I’m sorry, James. Please don’t think ill of me. Please.” She grabbed onto his arm. “It was a foolish mistake and…”

“I love looking at the moon when it’s full. It is so becoming.” James’ eyes were focused on the road before him. It was too painful to look at Elizabeth.

“Please don’t tell my father.”

“The matter is not mine to discuss. I would hope by now you know me to be a man of honor. It would be unbecoming of me to run, and tell your father about this matter.”

“Thank you.” It was the only thing she could say. Elizabeth wanted to say more, to plea her case, but she knew it was pointless. What could she say? It was her sincerest wish that James had not lost respect for her. Elizabeth could not bear it if he had.

“I pray the rest of Port Royal does not catch wind of this. It will destroy your reputation, and no doubt kill your father.”

“Don’t say such things!”

He looked directly into her eyes. “Maybe you should have thought about the consequences of your actions before you acted so hastily.” James stopped at the iron fence. “I assume that you know how to get back inside. I think it would be in poor taste if I brought you inside your father’s home looking the way you do. He would think ill of me. Good-night.”

“Please don’t hate me, James.” She reached out to touch his arm, but he turned away.

“Good-night,” he repeated.

Elizabeth watched through the gate as James walked up the path, and then ascended the stone steps. Her fingers ran over his handkerchief as tears fell. His image of her was tarnished, and nothing she could say or do would ever bring it back.
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Wish I had an Angel
Title: Wish I had an Angel
Author: Divia
Chapter: 4
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I'm poor, don’t sue me, not mine etc. etc.
Pairings: James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner
Summary: Elizabeth is having doubts about her upcoming marriage to Will Turner. Can Miss Swann live as a blacksmith's wife?
Status: incomplete

Elizabeth gazed into the dress shop’s window. A new light blue striped silk had just arrived with lace sleeves. Elizabeth longed to have. James always said blue looked becoming on her. Somehow, she would have to ask her father for the gown. If she begged, and whined a little he may give in. He had been known to do so once or twice before.

“Isn’t it remarkable? It is the prettiest thing I have seen in months.” Elizabeth could not take her eyes off the dress. Pirate activity was unusually high lately, and few supplies were arriving in Port Royal.

“It’s a dress.” Will fanned himself with his enormously large hat. “Elizabeth we have been looking in windows for over an hour. Are you going to buy anything?”

She opened her purse and peered in. “I’m afraid I do not have enough.”

Will propped himself up against the glass. “Ask your father for the money. He will give it to you.”

“He’s limited my spending. Father believes I spend too much on dresses,” Elizabeth lied. She could never tell her finance the true reason why he was no longer allowing her to charge dresses. “That dress would be perfect for the Bradley’s picnic.”

At once his eyebrows knitted together. “What picnic? I wasn’t invited to the …whoever’s picnic.”

“Oh.” Elizabeth colored. At once she knew she had said too much, and regretted it. Quickly, she tried to mend the situation. “Well maybe it was just an oversight.”

“Indeed.” Will stood up and put his hat on. “I’m being ignored by all your friends and, you continue to go to these parties without me.”

“I thought you hate parties.”

“I hate being ignored.”

“I’m sorry. Shall I talk to Mrs. Bradley? I’m sure if I mentioned you she would…”

“No!” he protested as two elderly women walked past. Both gave him rude glances. “That would make matters worse. I know when I am not wanted.”

“Lower your voice,” she snapped in a hushed voice. “You are making a scene, and it’s not becoming.” Elizabeth took a deep breath to steady her nerves. “I have known Mrs. Bradley for the majority of my life. I can ask her, and I’m sure she will say yes. In fact, I am sure she will be embarrassed by the oversight.”

Her eyes went to the gown again. “And my friends have not ignored you. Besides, why can’t you let me enjoy these few last parties? When I am married to you I won’t be able to go to balls.”

“I’m sorry if marrying me has become a burden.”

Elizabeth turned. “I never said such a thing.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be cross. But I see you looking at expensive dresses, and I know I can’t give them to you. I don’t have the money, and I probably never will.” He stepped forward, and wrapped his arms around her small waist. “But I love you.”

“Unhand me.” She struggled against his embrace, looking over her shoulder to see her maid’s shocked expression. Elizabeth hoped Estrella would not go home, and tell her father. “It isn’t proper. People will talk.”

At once he released Elizabeth, and stepped away. “You have no quarrel with me touching you when we are alone.”

“That’s quite different.” Elizabeth pointed her parasol at the busy street. “You cannot do it on the street in the middle of the day. What will people say?”

“I’m sick of hearing about what other people will say. And I can’t stay and drool over dresses anymore. I have work to do. Good-bye.” Will walked away without offering to escort Elizabeth home. She grunted, placed her parasol above her head, and began to walk towards her father’s plantation. Estrella was four paces behind.

Upon returning home, Elizabeth searched the house for her father, but he was nowhere to be found. To her amazement he was sitting in the garden with an empty expression on his face. He seemed lost in his thoughts, and when she came up to him he did not notice her presence. She sat next to him, and took his hand.

“You’re cold.”

“It’s nothing.” He smiled to reassure his only child. “I was thinking about how pretty Port Royal is. I daresay this is the prettiest garden I have ever seen. Your mother would have loved it.”

Elizabeth squeezed his hand tightly, and then rested her head on his shoulder. It was sad to hear him speak of her mother. She vaguely remembered her mother, but Elizabeth knew her parents were in love.

“It’s almost tea time,” Elizabeth closed her eyes. “Shall we take it out here?”

“No, I think we should go in. There is a chill in the air. I would like a moment to think.”

“Please don’t be long.” Elizabeth kissed his cheek. As she walked up the stone path, Elizabeth stopped and looked back at her father. There was no wind. The day was warm and pleasant.
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Wish I had an Angel
Title: Wish I had an Angel
Author: Divia
Chapter: 3
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I'm poor, dont sue me, not mine etc. etc.
Pairings: James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner
Summary: Elizabeth is having doubts about her upcoming marriage to Will Turner. Can Miss Swann live as a blacksmith's wife?
Status: incomplete

“This is it! We shall make this home ours. I went ahead and purchased it yesterday. I know I should have asked how you felt about it beforehand, but I couldn’t wait. And when I showed it to you last time you seemed to like it. Please tell me you do, darling.” Will led his future wife into the small home. It was the same one she had seen before, and its conditions had not improved.

Elizabeth forced a smile. “Oh yes, very much. It is a fine home.” With judgmental eyes she looked around the dark room. Her mind was still focused on James and his words. How dare he be so cruel and leave. Didn’t he understand that she needed his companionship?

Will kissed her quickly. “I’m glad you think so. Here.” Will picked up a broom that was leaning against the wall and gave it Elizabeth. “A good cleaning is what this place needs. We can work on it together.”

Elizabeth looked at the broom. Was he serious? She was wearing her new light blue silk from Paris, and had no intention of doing housework. Elizabeth rested the broom against the wall, and inspected her gloves. There were brown stains on them.

“Perhaps we could work on our home another day, my dear.” Elizabeth suggested, as she watched Will firmly take the broom, and begin to work. A large plume of dust drifted towards her skirt, and she waved her handkerchief to keep the dust from settling on her dress.

“Nonsense. The sooner your father sees how we have fixed up this home the sooner we can wed. He told me he wants you to have a proper house, and here it is.”

“Of course I agree with you, but maybe we could have some of my servants come and assist us?” She placed her hand to her mouth, and began to cough. It was unthinkable that Will would demand manual labor out of her. James would never ask her to work like a common maid. “Besides, I am not dressed for the occasion.”

“I told you to wear sensible clothing, and I wouldn’t dare ask your father for his help. We must show him that we can forge our own way.”

Elizabeth’s lips pressed tightly together. She wasn’t opposed to working, but she looked very pretty, and he had not commented on her new dress or the way she had curled her hair. Will seemed oblivious to the little things she did to keep up her appearance.

James would have noticed.

To make matters worse, earlier that morning she had a fight with her father over her engagement. And now her fiancé was questioning her choice of clothing, and rejecting her sound advice.

“I was not informed that I would be working like a maid. You should have given me fair warning. And there is no harm in asking my father for help. He is a very generous man who would be willing to help us.” Elizabeth stuck her chin in the air. “I wish to go home.” She stormed out of their house, and as she turned the corner her dress caught on an old wooden fence. The sound of ripping material was unmistakable, and when Elizabeth looked she saw the back of her dress had a noticeable tear.


“It isn’t that bad.” Will said, inspecting the damage.

She hit his hands with her fan. “Don’t touch it. And it is quite bad. It can’t be mended because of the location. Now what am I to do?”

“It’s only a dress.” Will offered, but his wisdom was not wanted.

“This was ordered from Paris! The silk is the finest to be found anywhere. How could you say such a thing? You are very insensitive, Will Turner!”

Her temper had been at its worse for the past two days. Will could not understand what was happening in their relationship. He wondered if she was having second thoughts about the marriage. “What is wrong? You’ve been in a horrid mood since we left your father’s house.”

“I do not wish to speak of it. Take me home, Mr. Turner.” With one hand holding her dress closed she began to walk home. Elizabeth was embarrassed, and if she could have taken an unknown path to her home she would have.

“What happened to your dress?” Elizabeth’s father asked, as he passed her in the hallway. All he could think of was how expensive it was, and how the money was wasted.

“Will brought me to our home today, and I caught it on an old fence.”

Governor Swann folded the papers he was reading. “Ah, yes the shack.” He took her arm and led her to the garden. “Elizabeth, my dear, have you thought that perhaps Mr. Turner isn’t the right man for you.”

Elizabeth tried to pull away, but her father would not let her go. “Not this again. I do not wish to speak about it.” She was in no mood to discuss Will’s shortcomings.

“I know you do not, but it needs to be said, and while I have said a few words here and there I am going to come out and say what I truly feel. If my words offend you I am sorry, but I must fulfill my duty as a father.”

He took a deep breath. “Elizabeth, be sensible. We both know you were not meant to be the wife of a blacksmith. Are you honestly ready to cook and do the housework? Instead of your mindless needlepoint you will have to mend clothes, which you know nothing about. You shall have to prepare every meal. Do you remember the incident when you saw the chicken being plucked and then gutted? That will happen every day. Is that what you really want?”

“I love Will. He’s a good, decent man.”

“I do not question his decency. I question his means to provide for my daughter as she is accustomed. Life outside these walls is going to be far different. The world you know will cease to exist. Are you prepared to give up your friends, your dresses, and your freedom?”

Elizabeth sat down on a stone bench. “My life will not be so very different.” She held onto hope that her life with Will would not be too bad. “My friends won’t abandon me. Anne promised.”

Weatherby sat next to his daughter, and took her hand. “My dear, how many aristocrats do you know whom call upon blacksmith’s wives? None come to my mind. You will not be able to attend any of our balls, you cannot wear your fine dresses, and I daresay you shall never have silks again. I hope these are all things you have thought of.”

It had not occurred to Elizabeth until today how different her life would be. When she heard Will had bought the house her heart sunk. She could never live in such conditions.

Her father was right, but that did not mean that she couldn’t be happy with Will. He was the love of her life, her first love, the man she longed to spend the rest of her days with. True, life would be difficult at first, but Will would be a great blacksmith and they would make enough money to live comfortably, and move into suitable home.

At least, that’s what she hoped.

“But I love Will.”

“I know my dear, but he is not from your station. It saddens me to see you marry below your class. Have you thought that the Commodore isn’t such a bad match?”

“But I love Will.”

“Be reasonable, girl. Passion fades, but a good marriage will carry you throughout your years. James Norrington is a good man with an outstanding career before him. Every other lady in Port Royal desires to marry him. Why can’t you see what a fine young man he is?”

Elizabeth pulled her hand free and stood. “I know he is a good man. I know he is a decent man with a good career. He will make a fine husband for another woman. I cannot marry James Norrington because I do not love him as I love Will.”

“I do not want to see my only daughter die slowly from a miserable life. Elizabeth,” He drew her towards him. “I promised your mother to raise you properly. I think I may have failed, but she would never forgive me if I allowed this marriage.”

Confused, and wishing for simpler days, Elizabeth wrapped her arms around her father and held onto him tightly.
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Old Loves Die Hard
Title: Old Loves Die hard
Author: Divia
Rating: G, eh PG?
Disclaimer: I'm poor, dont sue me, not mine etc. etc.
Pairings: James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann
Summary: James Norrington must come to terms with a decision he made ten years ago. Will it destory his marriage?
Status: Complete
Warnings: Based on the 100 script ending, and what some posters over at Keep to the Code MB have been pondering lately. Could have spoilers.

It was a grand party, and one not to be forgotten. Elizabeth looked lovely as always in a very expensive silk dress with yards of Italian lace. The longing I saw in her eyes when she first took notice of the dress meant I could say nothing else but yes. It cost a small fortune, but it was worth it to see her happiness when I gave her the gown. I may also add that all other ladies paled in comparison to her beauty.

She was the prefect hostess, making her way around the room, speaking, laughing and joking with everyone regardless of their rank. Elizabeth had a natural gift to make people feel at ease. Her past sins had been forgotten, and no one spoke of them. She was a gentlewoman, and played the part very well.

We danced and ate, and everyone believed we were the perfect couple. But they did not know the truth about our marriage.

Elizabeth hitched up her skirt as she ascended the stairs. I had seen her go up and down those same stairs when she was a child. It was strange to see her as a mother now, and the wife of a governor.

I knew where she was going; there was no doubt in my mind. I tired to stop her, but her motherly instincts were too strong. Quietly, she opened the door to the nursery and crept in to check on the children. Thankfully, they did not wake, and as I assumed they were both still breathing. The death of our infant son had caused Elizabeth great distress. He had died in his crib, and Elizabeth was now fearful that the others would follow. I tried my best to reassure her that it would not happen again, but she refused to listen. She told me that I would never understand the bond between a mother and a child. I believe she is right.

Slowly she closed the door to the nursery, and I could tell by her expression that the children were safe. “Are you satisfied now?”

She hit me in the chest with her fan. “Hush. Why do you vex me, James? I’m worried and I cannot stop. Every night I am fearful something will happen to them.”

I pull her into my arm, and kiss her gently on the forehead. “I know my dear. I’m sorry.” She will never know how much I ached when we lost our son. He was mine, and I had grand dreams for him, but those were never meant to be. Elizabeth cried for days, and I did my best to comfort her, and prepare for the funeral. There was little time for me to mourn. Sometimes I go to his grave, and wonder what could have been.

Our daughter, Katherine was showing early signs of her mother’s strong will, which frightened me. I wondered if I too would have to fight with my daughter on whom she should marry. The thought was a dreadful one. For now, she was my little girl, and I cherished her. Elizabeth scolded me for spoiling Katherine more than I should. She said it would ruin her, but I did not believe my wife. A little girl deserves pretty things.

Our eldest, Will, was like his father. Impulsive. Rash. Daring. He was always seeking adventure, was a poor student, and had managed to break his arm, leg and wrist. To make matters worse the boy was only ten. I feared what he would break next, and prayed it would not be something grave like his neck. Will was an excellent swordsmen, and enjoyed pirate stories a little too much for my liking. I remained quiet on the subject. I hoped it was a childhood phase that would pass with the years. It would destroy me if he followed in the footsteps of his father.

“Did you enjoy the evening?” I ask, as Elizabeth brushes her hair. There are a few grey hairs forming around her crown, but I dare not tell her. She asked me if I saw some one night, and of course I told her no.

“Yes.” Elizabeth stops brushing her hair for a moment and gazes at her reflection in the looking glass. “Do you think that Mrs. Bradshaw is getting fat? She seemed it to me.”

“I did not notice.”


“Hmm?” I look up from my book, knowing that tone in her voice. Something is bothering her.

“Do you think I am getting fat?”

“Absolutely not.” There is no hesitation. I learned that hesitating could mean I would be sleeping alone. “You are as beautiful as the day I married you. I daresay you were the most becoming woman tonight. I was proud and honored to have you on my arm.” It was my sincerest hope that my words would destroy her self doubt, but somehow I knew they would not.

Elizabeth presses her nightgown down over her stomach and frowns. “I think you are wrong.” Leaning closer to the mirror she looks at the edges of her eyes for wrinkles. She sighs. “I’m not pretty anymore.”

Her appearance had been bothering her for the past week. Nothing I could say would ease her mind. It worried me that she was so concerned what he would think.

I tried to block the upcoming date from my mind, but as it came closer I could not. Elizabeth was my wife. She had been my wife for ten wonderful years. When she first agreed to the marriage I knew she had done so out of desperation. There were little prospects for a penniless and pregnant woman. Her father was dead, and Will was cursed to sail the high seas. Elizabeth also had a soiled reputation.

When I asked her to marry me I fully expected her to say no. So much had happened I could hardly believe I survived. It had changed us all. Elizabeth knew her fate was bleak without a man, and she accepted my proposal.

I was not delusional. The marriage had been done out of necessity, not for love. My feelings for her had never wavered, but she was in love with Will Turner, and that would not change.

However, to my amazement, Elizabeth slowly began to thrive in our marriage. We had a connection that was unmistakable, and I often wondered if our ordeal had made us so unique that we could only turn to one another for comfort. I did not fool myself in thinking she loved me, because I knew she did not. We had a deep friendship.

Elizabeth busied herself with charitable activities until she could no longer perform her duties due to pregnancy. Will’s birth marked a changing point in the relationship. At first I had reservations about the child, and how I would feel upon his arrival. He was not mine. He was Will Turner’s child. Would I always think of Turner when I saw him? Would I be bitter?

To my amazement, my fears washed away when I held the small child in my arms for the first time. I was overcome with emotion. He was Will Turner’s child, but I would always see to his care. I would watch him grow, and I would teach him how to be a gentlemen. I would be his father. It was my sincerest hope that I would make Will Turner proud.

As the years passed Elizabeth, I believe, grew to love me more deeply. I know her heart would always belong to Will, but we shared something special. We were happy.

Elizabeth slips beneath the covers, and kisses me on the cheek. It is not our typical good-night kiss, but I know her mind is on Will Turner. It is hard to imagine that tomorrow she will run into his arms, and he will kiss her lips. He will run his hands over the body of my wife, and they will consummate their meeting. The thought is almost unbearable, and I want to order her to stay at home, but I cannot. I knew full well what I was entering upon when I married Elizabeth Swann. We have a wonderful marriage; surely I can give her one day to be with her old lover? But I do not want to. I do not want Will to touch the woman I have intimately loved for nine years.

Jealousy rises within me. What happens if after this meeting she no longer wants to come to my bed, and we take on the formal relationship we had within the first year of our marriage? I would go mad if that were to happen. There is no doubt in my mind that I have fallen more deeply in love with my wife than I ever thought possible. To lose Elizabeth now would be more than I could endure. I needed her.

The night was sleepless, and in the morning she dressed in a simple tan walking dress. Elizabeth instructed the maid to do her hair as usual. We spoke little. Neither of us knew what to say to each other. Both knew what would happen. What could a husband say to his wife when he knew she would go into another man’s arms?

Sitting on the bed I watched as she placed her favorite hat on her head, and tied the ribbon under her chin. My hands were clasped together, and there was no masking my misery. My mind screamed in protested. I wanted to tell her not to go, but that would not be fair. I would have to suffer in silence.

“I will be home in the morning.” She went to the door. “Please do not wait up for me.”

“Yes, of course.”

Elizabeth opened the door, and then paused. “I love you, James.”

“I have always loved you, and always will, my dear Elizabeth.” How I spoke those words I did not know, for my sadness almost overtook me. When she disappeared through the door I wanted to run after her. I wanted to tell her so much, but instead I fell onto the bed, and I cried like a fool. She said she loved me, but I wonder if she would continue after today.

Time dragged, and was my enemy. I continuously looked at the mantel clock. I was too busy fretting about my situation to complete my work. Horrible images ran through my mind. Unable to brighten my mood I went to the nursery, hoping my children would bring a smile to my face. They were cheerful as always and in good sprits, but they could not lift my melancholy. I felt horrible. After leaving them, I went to my office, locked the door, and found a bottle of rum. Perhaps I could drink the pain away.


“James! Quick, I need help. James, what have you done?”

I feel someone tugging at my arm. When I open my eyes the light is too much. I groan. My head is throbbing, and I am in pain. How much did I drink? I could not remember. But I do recall finishing off the bottle of rum, and then going for the brandy. I am rolled onto my back, and when my eyes become adjusted to the light I see Elizabeth bent over me. She has returned.

“Oh honestly James, how could you?” There is annoyance in her voice. I can hear it, and I know that I shall get a stern talking to when I recover. She will tell me she is disappointed in my behavior, and that the children could have seen me in such a sad state. I know what she will say because I thought about this before. But I do not care.

“Did you see him?”

She pushes my hair back. “Shhh, don’t talk now. We need to get you to bed.”

I want to tell her so much, but the room is spinning, and then everything goes black.


When I am well again, I join my wife for breakfast. We say little. I know she is upset with me for my excessive drinking. There are so many questions I wish to ask her, but I do not. The truth would be too painful to hear. It is done. I will do my best to forget about the incident.

I married Elizabeth Swann knowing that once every ten years she would go into the arms of her lover. I will have to accept it.
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Wish I had an Angel
Chapter 2

Commodore James Norrington looked stunned when he opened the door and saw Elizabeth standing before him. It was unusual for her to come to his office. The fort was no place for a lady. He cleared his throat, and stood erect. “Good day, Miss Swann.” His manners were impeccable as usual. “What brings you…”

“Is it true?” She pushed passed him without being invited in. “My friend and I were talking and I found out that you have asked to be reassigned. Is it true?” Elizabeth turned suddenly, her silk dress twisting around her long legs.

He closed the door. “Yes. It is true.”

“Why? Why are you leaving?” She pulled her gloves off. “And why did you keep this from me?”

“Would you care to sit?” James motioned for her to sit in a chair.

“No. No I would not like to sit. I would like to know why you feel the need to leave. You always told me you loved Port Royal dearly, and that you would never leave. Why have you changed your mind?”

Norrington looked into her eyes. “I do not mean to offend you, Miss Swann, but I have no desire to stay. At one time I did find this place very enchanting. But there is nothing for me now. I will leave as soon as I receive new orders. I pray that they take me far away from Port Royal.” He turned towards the wall and pretended to look at a map. James could not look at her because he would cave to her will.

She stared at his perfect posture, his hands tightly clasped behind his back. “I thought, well I hoped you would attend my wedding. I want you to be there.” Elizabeth twisted her glove mindlessly. Despite what had happened between them she did want James to attend the wedding. He had been a large part of her life since she was a child, and she did not want to lose him, not now. She needed him. “Please look at me.” As she wished he turned to face her.

“I do not understand why you would like me to attend your wedding. Do you seek to torture me? Why cannot you let me be.”

Elizabeth moved forward. “Is it true what they say? Are you leaving because of me?”

“Yes.” There was no hesitation.


He shook his head. “You dare ask me why, Miss Swann?” There was sadness in his voice. “I am unsure how you can ask such a question when it is blatantly obvious to everyone in Port Royal, save yourself, why I choose not to attend your wedding or that I wish to leave. Do you wish me to tell you the reason, Miss Swann?”

Elizabeth knew what people said, but she was unsure if it were true. A part of her could not believe that a man as distant and cold as James Norrington could ever love. She always believed he wanted to marry her because of her status, not out of love.

Her chin rose in defiance. “Yes. Tell me your reason.”

He looked down into her eyes. “It is because I love you, Elizabeth and it is because of this that I cannot bear to see you marry Will Turner.”

He had used her first name. She could never recall a time when he did not address her formally.

His handsome green eyes were too much to bear and she looked away. Something had stirred within her when he said he loved her, and it frightened her. “You released me from my promise. The fault is yours.”

“I was a gentleman. I knew you did not love me as you loved Mr. Turner. I knew that you promised yourself to me to save his life. And I knew that every day you would resent me for marrying you and taking you away from Mr. Turner. As a man of honor I knew what I had to do. Despite my feelings for you I knew that I had to release you. That is what I have done. I have given you the life you desire. I have given you the man you long for. I have made great sacrifices for your happiness.” He walked towards his desk. His thumbnail dug into the cherry wood as he looked down at the floor.

“That’s untrue. The thing you desire most is to capture pirates. That is all you care about.” She saw his shoulders slouch, and for the first time in her life James Norrington did not look strong or confident.

His voice was barely audible. “I wish that were true.”

Elizabeth found her strength and marched up to him. She could not believe that he loved her the same way Will did. James was incapable of that type of love. “If that is true then why did you not tell me this before? Why did you always keep me away and not show me any affection? I think you…

His head jerked up quickly. “What would you have me do, Miss Swann? Above all else I have treated you like a lady in the manner you are accustomed. Never did I think to do anything else. I dared not.” His fist slammed against the desk upsetting the inkwell. “I would not.” At once he was embarrassed by his outburst. “I’m sorry. I should remember myself.”

Emotion. James Norrington finally had an emotional outburst. Instead of remaining a gentleman he allowed his feelings to overcome him. Was he capable of passion and love? Elizabeth was intrigued.

She pressed the issue. “Then this is your fault. How was I to know?”

His voice was low again. “How could you not?”

“There was no passion and there certainly wasn’t any emotion.” Her eyes watched him walk across the room towards the door.

“Forgive me, Miss Swann, that I was not forward enough to kiss you in your father’s house. Now if you please I have much to do. I am awaiting my orders. They may arrive at any moment.” His hand rested on the doorknob.

Sighing, she walked towards the door. “I do not want to see you leave.” Elizabeth meant what she said. For years he had been a constant in her life and it would seem strange for anyone else to take his place. “Are you sure you must go?”

“I cannot see you and Mr. Turner together. My decision has been made.”

She bowed her head. “I understand. Will I see you before you leave? Will you come to say good-bye?” James would not deny her one last good-bye, he couldn’t. Elizabeth hoped that if she saw him one more time she maybe able to change his mind.


Elizabeth grew angry again. “Then I will come to you before you sail. Father will tell me when you will leave, and I shall come and say good-bye to you. I do not care what you say. You owe me that much.”

“Please,” his voice was soft as he spoke. “Do not come, Miss Swann. You have want you want at least give me the departure I seek.”

Elizabeth struggled with her gloves as she attempted to put them on. “I’m coming!” And without another word she stormed out, her silk dress trailing behind.
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Wish I had an Angel
Elizabeth held the leather book close to her chest as she and her best friend Anne walked through her father’s garden. It was a beautiful day and one not to be spent bent over needlework. They laughed as the young ladies walked down the stone path towards the grand house.

“Oh!” Anne cried. “I must tell you something. It’s quite scandalous.”

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. She did not think anything could be more scandalous than being kidnapped by pirates, but she was always in the mood for a good story. “Do tell. What is it?”

“Well,” Anne pushed back a strand of blonde hair. “I shouldn’t say this for it isn’t my place, but I overheard my mother and aunt speaking in the parlor the other day. It appears that Constance Hamilton is, well,” Anne paused.

“You must tell me now. What has happened?” Elizabeth disliked Constance who always believed she was superior.

“Well, this is between us of course, but,” her voice became soft. “She is ruined.”


Anne stopped walking and looked at her friend. “Constance finds herself in an awkward position.”

“What are you talking about?” Elizabeth hissed. “She is to be married to Philip Townsend. Why is that bad? Well, besides the fact he is dull as tombs.”

“It appears that she also found Mr. Townsend boring and she had an affair with a sailor. This unnamed sailor has left and has given her a gift.”

“How romantic,” Elizabeth smiled. “What kind of gift?”

“It is the type of gift that will appear in nine months.”

Elizabeth gasped. The idea that Constance would commit such an act was shocking because she always appeared to be a proper young lady. “She is with child?” Anne nodded and Elizabeth shook her head. “She is ruined. What is to become of her?”

Anne began walking. “I’m afraid I don’t know. However, I’m sure they will send her away. It is the only thing they can do now. She may be shipped off to England within the week. Of course she can never return, and she will be disinherited. If she were Catholic they would send her to a convent, but I overheard my mother say that they would find her a job as a governess.”

“A governess.” Elizabeth wrinkled her nose in disgust. Becoming a governess was a fate worse than death. She would never be part of a family, her income would be restricted and she would always be in charge of someone else’s children. Marriage would be impossible because most men did not court governesses. “Constance will despise that. I can’t help but feel a little sad for her. Her entire life has been destroyed.”

“I dare say so. It serves her right, though. She has always thought she was better than us. So, I feel no pity for her. She’s prideful. Besides, she made the foolish mistake.”

Despite their differences, Elizabeth did feel sorry for Constance. It seemed a cruel fate for a young lady who loved pretty dresses, grand parties and expensive jewelry to be thrown into a world that was cold, and unfamiliar. Elizabeth understood why Constance succumbed to the passion and longing. There were many days Elizabeth wished to give herself to Will even though they were not wed. Society told her it was wrong to have impure thoughts and to act upon them, but her heart told her it was right.

With a quick yank on her arm, Elizabeth was brought back to reality. “What is wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong.” Anne bowed her head as she blushed. “He’s so handsome.”

Elizabeth squinted. Her father was talking to a man in uniform. There could only be one assumption made as to who it was. “Commodore Norrington?”

Anne sighed. “Yes.” Her mood suddenly turned sour. “It’s sad he will be leaving.”

“He’s only going to chase Jack Sparrow. I’m sure he will be back within a few months. He is never gone for long.”

Anne shook her head. “Didn’t you hear? He has asked to be reassigned. Why it’s all the talk. How could you not know? Surely he must have told you? I thought he spoke to you about his adventures.”

“Reassigned?” Elizabeth stopped walking. “I don’t believe it.” Ever since childhood he had always taken her on a walk and explained his mission. When he returned he would share his adventures to her, secretly, for if her father knew he would be upset. His stories were one of the reasons she loved sailing. James could make a mundane incident sound exciting. The thought that he would leave without saying good-bye upset Elizabeth.

“He hasn’t received his orders yet. It’s so sad. James is so handsome, and a very eligible bachelor. I wish he wasn’t leaving.” Anne stopped talking and smiled when they approached the gentlemen.

“Miss Stewart. Miss Swann.” Commodore Norrington bowed stiffly. “I hope the day finds you well.”

“Yes, very.” Anne’s smile never faded.

Elizabeth was shocked. Commodore Norrington had slighted her. It was done in a very subtle way, but he had done it. Instead of addressing her first he had addressed Anne, and he was looking at Anne when he addressed his question. It was the first time his handsome green eyes turned towards another woman.

“If you will excuse us,” Elizabeth said firmly. “We are having tea.” Without realizing her strength she pulled Anne’s arm harder than intended, which caused the young woman to cry out. Glancing over her shoulder, Elizabeth watched Norrington speak to her father. He was not looking in her direction.


“Come see, come see,” Will said, as he grasped her hand and pulled her gently along. “This is where our home will be.” He kissed her quickly on the lips then went to the window. “The view is beautiful, come look.” His smile never faded as he pushed the shutters open allowing a burst of sunlight in.

Elizabeth shielded her eyes from the bright light as she stood in the middle of the small room. The condition of the home did not impress Elizabeth. It was not as nice as her father’s home, and while she knew her new home could never be as grand as her childhood home, she did hope for something a little better. The floor creaked, some of the windows were broken, and she had met a family of mice upon entering her new home.

“Of course it needs some work.” Will continued to look out the window. “Think of it, Elizabeth, this will be ours.”

Elizabeth wondered if the dark walls and small rooms would close in on her as she completed her household tasks. Her father had already enlisted a woman to teach Elizabeth how to become a good homemaker, and Will informed her that there would be no cook for the first few years. The thought was horrifying. Elizabeth did not want to slave over a hot stove, preparing three meals a day. As a child she would sneak into the kitchen and watch the cook sweat over their meals. Then she had the unfortunate experience of watching the cook rip feathers off a chicken. The sight had left such an impression on poor Elizabeth that she vowed she would never step into a kitchen again.

Elizabeth’s mind swam as she attempted to comprehend what a marriage to Will Turner would mean. Was she prepared for the life of a blacksmith’s wife? She placed her hand on her side. The corset she wore was making it difficult to breath. The musty air attacked her nostrils. She needed fresh air and a cool drink.

“It is very nice. But I’m terribly sorry, Will, I need some fresh air. I do not feel well.”

He was by her side, and took a hold of her arm. “Lean on me, my dear. Be mindful of the stairs.” Will looked down the narrow flight. “Should I carry you?”

“No, I am fine.” Elizabeth forced a smile to reassure her fiancée as she slowly descended the unsteady, creaking stairs.

Author's Note: No beta reader. Sorry. I tried to catch everything, but you know how that goes.
Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
8:50 pm
Sins of the Past
Elizabeth lost her footing when a stranger pushed her into a wagon. Her arm scraped across the jagged wood leaving a scratch. As she inspected her wound she wanted to lash out at the person who was gingerly walking away in their finery. But today Elizabeth had to hold her tongue and try to blend in with the crowd if she was going to remain safe.

Peddlers lined both sides of the narrow road yelling to passer-bys. Beggars young and old held out their dirty hands asking for food. A group of children wearing tattered clothing ran up to Elizabeth and tugged on her cloak. She looked down at their sorrowful faces, but shook her head when they asked for money.

The humidity hung like a thick blanket, making the temperature almost unbearable as the sun beat down upon her sunburned skin. Squinting, Elizabeth looked at her new country. India was a dirty, hot and altogether unpleasant place. It did not have any of the beauty of Port Royal.

Elizabeth reached her destination. She paused at the wooden door wondering if she should proceed. Then she realized there was no choice. She pounded on the door and waited for an answered. Overcome by the heat, Elizabeth leaned against the doorway. Her head began to spin as sweat continued to run down her forehead. Through blurry eyes Elizabeth looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was following her, and then she knocked again.

“What?” James Norrington demanded, as he stood with his pistol aimed at Elizabeth’s face.

She smiled, but he did not lower his gun. Elizabeth wondered if she had made a terrible mistake in coming. But what other choice was there for her now? Fate had brought her back to James Norrington.

But fate was cruel to Elizabeth when she realized he did not recognize her. Unable to stand the humiliation, she bowed her head. “Forgive me, sir.” As she went to step away the gun was lowered.

“Elizabeth!” James gasped. He stepped out onto the stoop and looked around. Once he was sure no one was watching them he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his small home.

Shock marred his handsome face. It had been five years. Elizabeth had made her intentions clear when she rejected his proposal and decided her destiny was to become a pirate.

“What are you doing here?” Norrington was duty bound to arrest Elizabeth, but he could not. Once again he found himself helpless. Time, he thought would helped ease his heart, but looking at her again rekindled old feelings. “And where are the other scoundrels?”

She spoke in a soft voice. “I am alone.”

Norrington took in her appearance. Elizabeth’s hair hung below her shoulders in greasy strands and she wore a brown homespun dress, which was two inches too short. There was no trace of finery on the young woman. “You are a sight. What is that stench? Is that you?” Norrington stepped away. “Miss Swann, what has the world done to you?”

“I am greatly altered.” Elizabeth did not have the strength to look at him. His handsome green eyes were too much for her to bear right now.

“I should be grateful for small miracles. At least you are properly dressed and not in trousers.” He went to the table and poured a glass of water.

Despite the heat, Elizabeth pulled her cloak closer around her shabby dress. “Wearing a dress was wiser than my pirate clothes. I did not want to draw attention to myself.”

“Yes, well, a dress would have been wiser, but not that one. It’s in tatters and you look like a strumpet.” Norrington offered Elizabeth the glass.

Elizabeth was taken back by his comment. Is that what he thought of her now? “I am not strumpet.”

“Indeed, yet your clothes portray you as one.” His judgmental eyes roamed over her body. “Your ankles are showing.”

Elizabeth looked down. Her ankles showing were the least of her concerns at the moment. Ill-fitting shoes were causing her great pain as they pinched her toes and her dress was too tight.

“I see you have not changed. You are quick to point out someone’s faults.” Elizabeth bit the inside of her mouth. Making him angry would not help her plan, and she needed to watch what she said. Elizabeth needed him on her side.

“Please take the water, and take off that foolish cloak. You will pass out from the heat if you continue to wear that thing.”

Elizabeth did as she was told and took a sip of water. The warm liquid slid down her throat. Elizabeth wondered if anything in this land was not hot and unbearable.

James motioned for her to sit, and she did. As she struggled to drink the warm water she studied Norrington’s appearance. Time had not altered James Norrington. He stood before her, his posture as perfect as ever and dressed in his finest clothes. His brown hair was neatly pulled back with a black ribbon. Elizabeth always hated his white wig, which made him seem old and more like her father. James appeared to be healthy and the only flaw she found on him was a scar on his left cheek. It was faint, but Elizabeth’s eyes settled on it at once. She wondered if he received it from fighting pirates.

“Tell me Miss Swann, what brings you to India? I seem to remember stories of you sailing off the coast of China. Wherever you have been I must say you look horrible. You are as dark as a slave. No doubt you have callous on your hands as well.”

“I’ve been on a pirate ship, James. I’m sorry if you do not approve of my appearance.” She took another sip of water and forced it down. Elizabeth would rather have rum.

“Your father would be devastated if he saw you now. It’s almost a blessing he is dead.”

Elizabeth gasped. Did he mean to hurt her with his words? She shifted her weight in the uncomfortable wooden chair.

“Forgive me. I did not mean to sound cruel.”

Quickly, she decided to change the direction of the conversation. “You are looking good, James. I am glad life has been treating you well.”

He laughed. “Well? That is not something that I would call myself, Miss Swann. I am stuck in one of the worst ports in the Empire. There was no choice for me. I was told where to go, and like a good soldier I obeyed. But I have always been a good soldier. Perhaps one day I will learn from such folly.” He paused, and then continued. “Pray tell Miss Swann, what brings you to India?”

“I wanted to see you.”

“You will have to forgive me if I do not believe you, Miss Swann. I am no fool.” James walked towards the window. “It has been five years. I know that you have not come to inquire about my health. You made it quite clear what your feelings were for me.” He closed his eyes trying to block out the memory of her rejecting him for a lowly blacksmith. “You cast off whatever I offered you and decided to run away with Mr. Turner and Jack Sparrow. I cannot believe now, after all these years; you have had a sudden change of heart.”

“That’s unfair, James. I always cared for you. Maybe not in the way you wished, but I did care.” Elizabeth held the empty glass in her hand.

“Indeed.” He sighed. “It doesn’t matter now. Nothing matters now. That is all in the past, and for my sanity I do not wish to remember it.” Norrington turned to her and took a deep breath. “Since you will not inform me of the true reason for your visit, I must ask if you will be staying long.”

She smiled. “I am unsure. That is for you to decide.”
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